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Counterfeit scam

Don't fall victim to counterfeiting!

Every so often we receive inquiries from our customers regarding inconsistency in product performance. Unfortunately, these customers turn out to be victims of counterfeiting--they unknowingly bought fake Caboki products from various online marketplaces.

Whenever a good brand is in demand, counterfeiters spring into action, ready to scam consumers of all types.

Sure, counterfeiters can replicate our logo and package, but not our performance and product safety.

To avoid being scammed, buy from official sites or your local hair transplant surgeons/clinics.

The official sites include: (US), (Canada), (UK), (Australia), (Hong Kong), (Taiwan), (China), (France), (Italy), (Spain)

Anti-counterfeiting Package

Since January 2016, each and every genuine Caboki comes with its own unique code that allows you to verify its authenticity online.

If what you've purchased does not have an Authenticity Verification code, it is a fake! And even if it comes with a code, it may still be a fake. Make sure to verify your code for every product!

Authenticity verification


30-Day Money Back Guarantee