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Caboki Hair Building Fiber, Trial Size

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Limit one per household; repeated purchases will be cancelled!

Size: 8-10 days supply.

Why Caboki Hair Building Fiber Is Superior
  • Made of plant-based fibers, no allergic reactions.
  • Look totally natural (not greesy, painted or chalky look you get from other products)
  • Resistant to wind, rain and perspiration.
  • Stain-free.
Color Chart

Caboki Hair Building Fiber is available in 14 colors. Pick a color that matches your hair.


How to select a color?

Stand in front of a mirror, check the hair ROOT color in the thinning area. This is the color to match.

If you have salt & pepper or highlighted hair, match the darker ROOT color. For example, if your native hair color is dark brown with some grey hair or highlighted hair mixed in, choose our Dark Brown.

Can Caboki hair fiber cover gray roots?

Yes, Caboki hair fiber can help blend in both gray roots and color-treated root re-growth.


Caboki hair fiber is made of Gossypium Herbaceum (Levant cotton) fiber, mineral colorants (Iron oxide).

Anti-counterfeiting package

To protect you and fight back against rampant counterfeiting of Caboki hair fiber, we've added anti-counterfeiting features to our packages.

Starting from January 2016, each and every genuine Caboki hair fiber comes with its own unique verification code, as shown below:

With this code you can verify product authenticity at

To avoid getting fake Caboki hair fiber, buy from this official sites or hair clinics.

How to use

Caboki hair fiber is easy to use:

  • Dry and style hair as usual.
  • Shake Caboki onto your thinning areas.
  • Gently pat the applied area to disperse the product.
  • To finish off, spray a few shots of Volume Control Mist.

In general, it takes no longer than brushing your teeth in the morning.


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